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President's Message

It is my proud privilege to welcome It is my proud privilege to welcome you all who are entering the partals of this Institute. I know you are joining the college with great aspiration & high ambitions you all feel that college education is a stepping stone to greater success and better career. The aim of our college dear students, is to provide you with those facilities which are essential for the development of a harmonious personality and a well interested view life. Unfortunately manpower development in the field of para medical services often receives scant attention. Even if a facility exists there is a wide gap between imparted training and present day technology. Technical training or education is a continuous process and should not stop after basic training especially in an era when technology is changing so fast. Unfortunately there is an acute shortage for such refresher courses or special training centres. The problem is evident. The solution lies in your hands. Our effort is that of a mason to train you with the aim of building you into a technically sound, honest worker, conscious and solid pillar for future.

Sh. Manav Jain