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Our Philosophy

    • To provide Value Based Education.
    • To Provide every living being the right for comfortable life.
    • To promote overall development in the students with special emphasis on cultural, intellectual, social and spiritual aspects.
    • To specialize students in acquiring knowledge of nursing.
    • To prepare the professional nurses to meet the health needs of the society and face challenging situations in all spheres.
    • To uphold the values and code of ethics in personal and professional life.
    • We believe in serving all fellow men as children of God.
    • We believe that maintenance of good health is the desire of every individual.
    • We consider health of the people as on index of the level of development of the country.
    • Medicines alone cannot bring about well being. It is the nursing and care by everyone concerned that will alleviate the suffering.
    • Truth, Sincerity, Honesty and Hard work are the keys to success.
    • We encourage students, to develop their talents.